New Faces

Something you don't seem to hear about a lot is the experience of working with new faces. Once your work starts to become a little well known and people can track your record of previous experience, it gives you a lot of credibility with people interested in trying out a photoshoot. For me a lot of responsibility comes with that. You want to make it work for them in every way possible, making them comfortable so they relax and can enjoy the shoot so you can both get the best possible results out of it. For working models they get used to that experience of meeting photographers for the first time and have hopefully learned to avoid the potential pitfalls. For someone new I think it takes a hell of a lot of courage. I couldn't be happier with the results of this shoot with the absolutely beautiful @Kitsune_94 and I hope we get to do many more.

A little latex with Mynxie

I caught up with Mynxie Monroe, otherwise known as Professional Goth and First Lady of Hell to have a little play with some latex and coloured backgrounds. Check out more of this lady at her twitter Mynxie Monroe and her facebook page of Mynxie Monroe before she inevitably takes over the world and has us worshipping at her feet.

Francesca Von Feuer

A little while ago I had a fun shoot with Francesca, a fire and Aerial beginner & alt model.

Check out her Instagram here at FrancescaVonFeuer 

and follow her twitter at FVonFOfficial

The Great British Tattoo Show 2015

I've been going to this show for a couple of years now and it's always a fun mix of tattooists, tattoo art and alternative entertainment. Here's some highlights from the Sunday of this years show at Alexandra Palace.

Leah Debrincat

These pics in no way do justice to this ladies performance but here's something to give you an idea of the show.

The Latex and Apparel fashion show

with contributions from Catriona Stewart Design, Slackjaw Apparel and The Killing Tree Clothing

Lingerie and Urban Fashion show

with contributions from Daisy Cutter, Anchor and Rose London and Apothecary 87.

Aurora Galore

Where there's a tattoo show there's a fire act and this lady did not disappoint.


A little while ago a friend contacted me and said she wanted to try out a photoshoot. I had mentioned it to her a long time ago after shooting a charity abseil she was involved in. Personally I'm hoping she does a lot more shoots as we had a great time doing these and she looks fantastic in them. Daisy ❤️‍ Instagram link:

Suicide Girls Black Heart Burlesque

I was lucky enough to be given a photo pass for the Suicide Girls Black Heart Burlesque show at The Electric Ballroom in Camden. Everyone there was impressed by the incredible level of quality, fun and energy everyone brought to the show. If you get the chance to catch it, do so and you won't be disappointed. Here's some photos:

Mighton Jayne

My co-incidental meeting with this lady was the first time someone has recognised my name through following my work which was a bit of a new experience. We got to shoot a few weeks later and this is what we did. You can find more of this stunning lady on her instagram at Mightonjayne, her SG profile Mighton and her ModelMayhem here.


After a long time trying to match schedules and a few rescheduled appointments I managed to get together with Rosalie for a long overdue shoot. Instagram link provided by Rosalie here.


I'd been talking with a good friend for a long time about doing a shoot together and we finally got around to it. I love how these came out. Chloe Eleanor of HoeBow Designs. You can also find her modelling profile here at Purpleport


Last week I met up with a great friend and tattoo artist apprentice at BlueFire Tattoo, Natalia Rose Butler for a catchup and a shoot. Love being able to work with friends. Check out her artwork here too, I may have a piece hanging up on my wall :)

Welcome to Day 1

Welcome to MikeWhitePhotog.Com

In some ways this site has been a very long time coming. Up until recently I've been content to let my work reside on various social sites but finally that became too messy so here we are with a web site and with one unified social networking name of @mikewhitephotog that can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Google+.

My opening posts are from recent photographic work with some fantastic models. I've truly enjoyed working with every single person I've met. Every shoot has been a lot of fun, I've learned a lot and hopefully together we've created some great images.

I'll be updating with more shoots and also adding some galleries from my Live Music work soon.

For more from the models featured here you can check out their sites at:

Cervena Fox

Rebecca Louise

Mimi Cee

Ruby True

Ruby True Instax

Gina Harrison

To keep up to date with the latest posts follow @mikewhitephotog on Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Tumblr or Google+